Organic Stereochemistry. Experimental And Computational Methods

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Adopting a novel approach to the topic by combining theoretical knowledge and practical results, this book presents the most popular and useful computational and experimental methods applied for studying the stereochemistry of chemical reactions and compounds


A final chapter on total synthesis of natural products rounds off the book

A valuable reference for researchers in academia and industry working in the field of organic synthesis, computational chemistry, spectroscopy or medicinal chemistry.

The first part provides a brief introduction to the field of chirality and stereochemistry, while the second part covers the different methodologies, such as optical rotation, electronic circular dichroism, vibrational circular dicroism, and Raman spectroscopy

The text is clearly divided into three sections on fundamentals, spectroscopic and computational techniques, and applications in organic synthesis

The third section then goes on to describe selective examples in organic synthesis, classified by reaction type, i.e

Enantioselective, chemoselective and stereoselective reactions

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